Science Webquests

Animal Webquests

  • Bat Quest - In search of Stellaluna. (2-4) This WebQuest is based on the literature book Stellaluna by Cannon. Students should have read the story or be in the process of reading the story. In English and Spanish.
  • Conflict Yellowstone Wolves - (9-12) Your task will be to analyze the Rocky Mountain Gray Wolf problem, and draw your own conclusion to the following question. Should the wolves in Yellowstone National Park be removed?
  • Classes of Vertebrate Animals Web Quest - With this Web Quest you will learn more about vertebrate animals and the five classes of animals that belong to the vertebrate phylum.
  • Endangered Animals WebQuest - A WebQuest of Grade 3 students (Science / Language Arts)
  • Animal Life Cycles - A WebQuest for 3rd Grade (Science)
  • Animal Classification Webquest
  • 3rd Grade Habitat WebQuest - We are going on an adventure to a special habitat. We will learn as much as possible about this habitat and the life within it. We will be hunting through the WorldWideWeb.
  • Animal Adaptations WebQuest - A WebQuest for 3rd Grade (Science). You are about to go on a journey into the world of animals. You will become an animal researcher. You will select an animal to research, learn about adaptations, and present your findings to other researchers at the Animal Adaptations' Convention.
  • K-2 Animal WebQuests - Lots of animal webquests.
  • Animal Adaptations Webquest - We need your help! We are concerned that the planet Earth is beginning to undergo many changes. We are concerned that our animals have not adapted to meet these changes. Our goal is make sure that all of the Earth's animals will be able to survive the changes. To do this we need you to research the adaptations of several animals on this planet. You will be working with many other explorers to complete this project and traveling all across the world.

Desert WebQuests

Insects WebQuests

  • An Insect's Perspective - A Science and Literacy WebQuest for Grade 2.
  • Insect Investigators - A WebQuest for Elementary Students.
  • Insects WebQuest -
  • Mystery Bug WebQuest - A Third Grade Webquest.
  • Going Buggy - A WebQuest for Grades 2-5. This spring, your town's nature director has decided to conduct insect safaris in the park. Your class has been asked to create a field guide to help those who go on the safaris learn about the insects they see.
  • Creepy, Crawly Critters - Is everything that stings, bites, crawls, or flies an insect? How do you tell the difference between a spider and an insect? We've already learned about spiders. Now let's find out about these other creepy crawly critters that live around us!
  • Insect Quest - A WebQuest for Second Grade Science.