About Me

My name is Caterina Popovich and I am excited to have the opportunity to create a web site for teachers. Let me tell you a little about myself.

After earning my Bachelor and Master of Science in Education from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, I began my teaching career in Norfolk, Virginia in 1978. Our first child, Dweezil was born in 1980 and I became a stay-at-home-mom for 7 years until our daughter, Beatrice (born in 1982), entered school. In 1987 I was hired as a computer teacher in East Meadow, NY and began teaching on an Apple 2E computer. My husband Henry, of twenty-four years, was transferred back to Virginia in 1989 and I began teaching in Virginia Beach in 1990. During 1998-2000, I was the Computer Resource Teacher at Kemps Landing Magnet School, a gifted and talented middle school in Virginia Beach, Virginia. My major role was helping the teachers integrate technology into their curriculum while maintaining two computer labs and all the classroom computers.

Two years ago, I made the difficult decision to shift from public school instruction to pursue a career as an Educational Consultant. I began teaching for Connected University in October 1999. In September 2000, I became the Department Chair for the Basics and Instructional Technology Department. In addition to teaching for Connected University, I present at all of the Classroom Connect Conferences, consult for our local PBS television station (WHRO), several school divisions and a facilitator for PBS Teacherline. I am available to consult in all school districts.

Last Updated: September 21 4, 2001