Teaching Early Years

  • 100th Day of School Project - 100th Day of School Celebration!
  • Enchanted Learning - A web site with different activities including links to Nursery Rhymes
  • Five Senses homepage - great lesson plans on the five senses.
  • Free Worksheets for Teachers - School Express: a great site to download free worksheets and much more!
  • Fun Room - crafts, games, summer ideas and much more.
  • Fun School - fun and games for elementary students
  • Kids Games - your skill and knowledge with our games for kids
  • Kids Random - Find information and try out different activities with Kids at Random house
  • Little Explorers - Letters of the alphabet can be selected to display a screen of words beginning with that letter. Each word is illustrated with a picture, and many words link to sites that deal with the subject of the selected word. Many hours of interactive fun here on almost any subject.
  • Un-Match Game - Which one of these is NOT like the others?

English/Language Arts

Math Sites

  • A Plus Math - This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively.
  • Change Maker - Get as much money in your piggy bank as possible, by figuring out the correct change.
  • Clock Concentration Game - Match the different ways to read the same times.
  • The Counting Story - a story by Rolando Merino for his son Timmy.
  • Number Games Online for Kids - number games from Fun Brain.
  • Math Advantage - Math games from Harcourt School.
  • Guess The Number - The FunBrain Magician will pick a secret number and put it in his hat. You guess what number it is. If your guess is too high or too low, FunBrain will give you a hint.
  • Line Jumper - FunBrain will show you a number line. Click on the number line at the correct answer.
  • Math Baseball - FunBrain will give you a math problem. Enter the answer to the problem and hit the "Swing" button.
  • Money Flashcards - count the money!