Sites About Webquests

WebQuests are among the most fascinating (and educational) tasks you can set on the internet for K-12 students. Student centered and enquiry based, a Webquest challenges students to explore the web in the search for information on a particular topic. Webquests are an excellent way to integrate the internet into the classroom. A webquest typically has an introduction, a process, a task, a list of resources, a conclusion, and an evaluation. Some webquest pioneers, Bernie Dodge and Tom, developed the webquest model in early 1995 at San Diego State University March.

Have a gander at Bernie Dodge's webquest website.

Now, why not peruse this excellent collection of webquest resources we've compiled for you:

  • Bringing Lyrics to Life - (9-12) This WebQuest guides students how to create a multimedia book by integrating HyperStudio.
  • NicaraguaQuest: Teacher's Guide - (9-12) Students engage in the politics, history, and culture of Nicaragua through role-playing and discussion.
  • The Search for Absurdity! - (9-12) Discover the historical and cultural origins of Absurdity as a philosophical and creative force.
  • Creative Problem solving - (9-12) The WebQuest engages students in creative problem solving that provides a platform for language use.
  • Anthem: A Utopian Society - (8) Students will design a utopian society. Build's on the reading of Ayn Rand's novel.
  • Challenge, Intrigue, & Perspective - (9-12) You have been entrusted to negotiate a lasting peace treaty for Jerusalem during the most favorable time for peace. Who has the right to exist on this land and how to ensure the survival and security of the Arabs and Israelis are key points you must ultimately negotiate as envoys of the diplomatic corps for the Arabs, Israel, and the United States.
  • Create a Travel Brochure - (7-12) You and three of your classmates have just been chosen to be the founding fathers of a new company called "The Sky's the Limit." This company will be marketing a rare product, one which will be highly valued by all human beings who enjoy traveling, but don't have the time, resources, or perhaps the energy to research the area to which they would like to travel.
  • CyberScience Mag - (8-12)(8.5,9.6,10.7,12.7) Ms. Billswoggle, the creator of Biomag, an international magazine, wants to expand her reading audience by a creating science magazine that appeals to young adults. She is considering your team to launch this new magazine.
  • Extreme Sports WebQuest - (9-12) Your team will travel across the country covering various extreme sports festivals and events. This will give you an opportunity to explore America, as well as impress the editor with your abilities.